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Australian Tax & Financial Planning Software Solutions
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Financial Calculators

Various additional financial calculators are included for a variety of needs. The list of current calculators include the following:


Credit CardCredit CardCalculate how long it takes to pay off a credit card paying the minimum amount. Includes higher repayment option.
HomeMortgage RepaymentsCalculate mortgage repayments and show mortgage repayment chart and repayment table.
CarLease/Hire PurchaseCalculate lease or hire purchase payments. Includes amortisation table.


Capital GainsCapital GainsCalculate capital gain/loss using Discount, Indexation or Other methods.
InterestInterestConverting interest rates between different periods, simple interest rate calculations and compounding interest calculations.
SharesSharesCalculate the number of units for a given amount and price, or calculate the stop and profit loss prices for share traders.


Stamp DutyStamp DutyCalculate stamp duty on purchase of Australian property. Each state has different stamp duties rates and thresholds.


Date/TimeDate & TimeCalculate the number of days between two dates, or the time period between two times. Also includes a 12 month calendar.