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Plansoft's financial solutions software is installed on user's computers.

Some software/computer industry commentators will suggest web applications are superior to desktop applications. Whilst this may be the case in many circumstances, Plansoft believes it's desktop tax and financial planning software still has many advantages over a web only application and older style desk top applications. Some of these include:

Installation is simple

Using the latest Microsoft software publishing system "One-Click-Install" means installation is as simple as clicking on a single link on the Plansoft website. Administration rights are not required so any Microsoft Windows computer (XP, Vista or Windows 7) can install and run the software.

Updates are seamless

When new software is available, users are updated automatically when the software is started. No CD or DVD are required, just internet access for the automatic downloading of the update.

Work Offline

As the internet is only required when updating, the software can run without internet access.


Very little internet usage is required, thus keeping usages rates to the minimum. Plansoft can also keep the software leasing costs lower as we do not have to maintain expensive web server farms.


Because all computer processing is occurring on the local computer, calculations and the user response is extremely quick. There is no slowdown due to thousands of other concurrent users.


For the Home, Standard and Professional editions, all sensitive data is stored on local machines or networks.

Consistent User Interface

Because of the underlying technology (Microsoft WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation), the software looks and operates exactly the same on all computers. The same cannot be said for web applications because of the variety of web browsers.

Detailed Features

Although simple to use, the features provided by the Plansoft software is very comprehensive and data is shared across many calculations. For instance, common fact find data is shared with the income tax calculator, Centrelink/DVA/Family Assistance calculators as well as the superannuation calculators.

No Repetition

Web applications such as the ATO tax calculator do not store your data so input must be repeated for every calculation.

Word Processing

Easy interaction with word processors such as Microsoft Office - Word to allow users of the Standard and Professional editions to prepare documents for their clients.


Full use of the printers available to the computer with properly formatted reports unlike the printing from web browsers.