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The following calculators are now available for lease by corporations wishing to include a tax calculator within their website. They will allow styling to a corporate colour scheme and logo. For more pricing, please contact sales@plansoft.com.au Annual subscription is determined by organisation size, estimated page views, extend of styling and thus pricing is variable.

Our web calculators can be easily embedded in your website page via single line of HTML code that we provide. Built using HTML/Javascript (no Flash) means these calculator should work on all internet browsers without additional plugins, as well as the latest smartphones/tables/pads such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.

For a more comprehensive on-line tax calculators visit Australian Tax Office. For a very comprehensive detailed tax calculation including both members of a couple, Centrelink and Family Allowance, superannuation and many more features, you might be interested in our software product, the Plansoft Calculator.

Disclaimer: The information from these calculators should be used as a guide only. The figures and formula used within these calculators may change at any time without notice. No responsibility is accepted for any losses arising out of the use of or reliance on the conclusions reached by these calculators.

Basic Tax Calculators

The Basic Tax Calculators are designed for simple personal income tax calculations. Assumptions are single, no dependents, not reached retirement age, Australian tax resident, not a minor, private health insurance and no student loans.

2022 2022 Basic Tax Calculator

2021 2021 Basic Tax Calculator

2020 2020 Basic Tax Calculator

2019 2019 Basic Tax Calculator

2018 2018 Basic Tax Calculator

2017 2017 Basic Tax Calculator

2016 2016 Basic Tax Calculator

2015 2015 Basic Tax Calculator

2014 2014 Basic Tax Calculator

2013 2013 Basic Tax Calculator

2012 2012 Basic Tax Calculator

2011 2011 Basic Tax Calculator

The following button will allow you to show all the above calculators on the once screen for easy comparisons of financial years.

All All Basic Tax Calculators

Personal Tax Calculator

The Personal Tax Calculator is a more detailed tax calculator with more data entry fields for more accurate tax calculations. The calculator will allow you to:

  • Calculate personal income tax for a range of financial years
  • Calculate Medicare Levy and any additional Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Calculate student loan repayments HELP and SFSS
  • Calculate Low Income, Mature Age and Senior Australian tax offsets
  • Calculate any additional Flood Levy for 2012 financial year
  • Calculate using Clean Energy Future tax reforms for 2013 financial year

Age Pension Calculator

The purpose of the Age Pension Calculator is to estimate the current level of Age Pension payable from Centrelink. The calculator will allow you to calculate:

  • Pension Rate including Pension Supplement
  • Deemed income on Financial Investments
  • any reduction based on Assets Test
  • any reduction based on Income Test
  • tax and any applicable tax offsets

HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) Calculator

The purpose of the HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) Calculator is to estimate the additional tax payable on the HELP loan balance as well as the CPI increase on the balance. The calculator will allow you to calculate:

  • Personal income tax for a range of financial years
  • Medicare Levy and any additional surcharge
  • HELP Compulsory Repayment Amount
  • CPI Indexation Amount
  • HELP Debt Payout Bonus
  • HELP Debt Payout Figure
Higher Education Loan Program Calculator HELP Calculator

Family Tax Benefit Calculator

The purpose of the Family Tax Benefit Calculator is to estimate the payments available from the Australian Family Allowance Office. The calculator will allow you to calculate:

  • Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A
  • Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part B
  • Large Family Supplement
  • Multiple Birth Allowance
  • Maternity Immunisation Allowance
  • Baby Bonus
  • Adjusted Taxable Income
  • Rent Assistance
  • Family Income Test
Family Tax Benefit Calculator Family Tax Benefit Calculator