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Build 1057 - 23 Nov 2011

Rates & Calculator - All Editions

  • FEATURE ADDED: Income Streams button added in the Superannuation and Retirement group on the "Rates & Reference" tab page. Incorporates Pension Factors, PVFs and a new Relevant Numbers table as published by the Australian Government Actuary. Moved some rates from Superannuation such as Income Stream Tax Offsets. Superannuation button now only relates to contributions.

  • UPDATE: CPI and AWOTE Sep 2011 quarter figures have been included.

Calculator - All Editions

  • FEATURE ADDED: Income Streams can be added via a new screen. All types of Income Streams can be calculated, including: Allocated (Account Based), Market Linked (Term Allocated Pension), Lifetime, Life Expectancy, Term and Defined Benefit.

    The following are examples of the values that are calculated:

    • Assessable asset value for Centrelink Assets Test

    • Assessable annual income for Centrelink Income Test.

    • Maximum income amount before inclusion in Centrelink Income Test.

    • Minimum and Maximum Payments (using percentage factors, but including options to use PVF/Payment Factors for pre 20 Sep 2007 income streams if applicable)

    • Tax Free and Taxable components (age under 60 payments). These amounts are transferred to the TaxPack and thus Income Stream Tax Offsets (15% or 10%) will also be calculated.

    For more information about Income Stream calculations, refer to

  • FEATURE ADDED: Student Loans Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) calculation screens have been redesigned to include calculations for voluntary repayments with the 10% bonus (5% after 1 Jan 2012 assuming legislation passed). Also calculating the CPI increase as well as a discounted payout figure.

    The Payment amount renamed Compulsory Payment to prevent confusion with voluntary payments. Taxation summary screen wordings also changed to reflect the standard wording used on taxation statements e.g. "Compulsory Higher Education Loan Repayments".

  • UPDATE: Financial Year will now default to the financial year of the last calculation saved for a client.

  • UPDATE: Superannuation and Retirement Calculator will now include any income streams in the Existing position. The Proposed position can then compare new income stream values against the Existing position. Centrelink Assets and Income tests also incorporated in both Existing and Proposed positions.

Calculator - Professional Edition

  • FEATURE ADDED: Individual Listing button added to the "Client Listing" group of button on "Clients" tab on the main screen after login. This provides 2 rows for a couple (a row for the individual and their partner). This screen has extra columns not previously accessible and thus might assist in searching, filtering or grouping your individuals. For example, you can now filter on all individuals with Birthdays in a selected month, or you can view individuals in order of Gross Income.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Individual Reports have been added that allow printing of the Individual Listing details using the current order and filter. Individual Reports are only available when the Individual Listing is showing. (Client Reports now also only available when the Client Listing is showing).

  • ISSUE FIXED: Client Listing double click on scroll bars no longer opens a client. Mouse cursor must now be on an actual client record.


Build 1028 - 25 Oct 2011


  • ISSUE FIXED: Newstart payment calculation corrected for income test with excess partner income.

  • UPDATE: Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Conversion Any number field can have a basic conversion from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly to an annual figure (including adjustments in financial year is a leap year)

    To convert $700 weekly to an annual amount, just type in 700 and then press "W" - this will change the 700 to 36600 (for 2012 financial year, ie 100 per day * 366 days). Press "F" for fortnightly conversions and "M" for monthly conversions.

    This can be very useful when entering income values and all you know is the fortnightly amount (often used by Centrelink for payment rates, income etc).

Build 1002 - 29 Sep 2011


  • ISSUE FIXED: Deeming calculation corrected for spouse (due to new assets and investment).

Build 1001 - 28 Sep 2011


  • ISSUE FIXED: Tool Tip fix required to prevent system errors in some circumstances. Also changed some background colours and font size for better readability.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Financial Investments fix required to correctly calculate Deemed Income which was affected by recent asset screen changes.

  • UPDATE: Assets and Investments screen has been revised for Income Streams to help clarify the various asset and income treatments of income streams.

    There are now three (3) Income Streams fields:

    • Assets Test Exempt (for pre 2004 income streams)

    • Short Term (less than 5 yrs). Classified as a financial investment and thus income is deemed.

    • Long Term (5 years or more). Income is not deemed.

Build 996 - 23 Sep 2011


  • UPDATE: Tab Style of the "Personal Tax and Government Payments" and "Superannation and Retirement" screen have been made more standard to better indicate the tab options are selectable.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Personal Summary report format changed to always show Individual Summary, Dependants, Address, Contact, Health, Taxation and Social Security details. Report can be generated to Windows Clipboard by pressing the small "W" word processing icon or by using the right mouse button and selecing "Copy to Clipboard as Rich Text Format (RTF)"

  • UPDATE: Assets and Investments Report added to new Assets and Investments screen. Report can be generated to Windows Clipboard by pressing the small "W" word processing icon.

Build 995 - 22 Sep 2011


  • FEATURE ADDED: Personal Summary replaces Fact Find Summary and includes hyperlinks to allow editing of Individual Summary, Dependants, Address, Contact, Health, Taxation and Social Security screens.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Assets and Investments screen added to allow assets to be totalled for asset test and deeming calculations. This screen can be opened from Centrelink/DVA - Assets Test.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Net Income from Working screen added to show how this is calculated. Used and accessed from the Mature Age tax offset calculation.

  • UPDATE: Rates & Threshold updated as at 20 Sep 2011. Centrelink, DVA and Family Allowance rates and thresholds updated.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Entrepreneur Tax Offset Entrepreneur tax offset now being calculated. Previously "Net small business entity income" in the Tax Offsets - Supplement form was not being saved and not Entrepreneur Tax Offset was being calculated. Adjustments made to Tax Offset and Final Tax forms to show Entrepreneur Tax Offset.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Documents template system error with Microsoft Windows XP for Professional editions.

Rates & Calculator

  • UPDATE: Colour Coded Forms of rate and TaxPack screen backgrounds have been colour coded to help in the visual recognition of data input or rate lookup. Other user interface changes to improve look and feel of our applications including shadow boxes and some animation.

Build 922 -11 Jul 2011

Rates & Calculator

  • FEATURE ADDED: Clean Energy Future Included newly proposed tax rates and thresholds and low income tax offset. Can now select up to Financial Year 2016 to see the affect of the new rates.

Build 914 - 4 Jul 2011


  • ISSUE FIXED: Rent Assistance Correction of Rent Assistance to not show on Centrelink screens when paid by Family Assistance Office.

Build 913 - 3 Jul 2011


  • UPDATE: DVA Income Support Supplement Asset and Intome test thresholds that were not available on 1 Jul 2011 ).


  • ISSUE FIXED: Family Tax Benefit calculation rate fix for children aged 1 or less in financial year.

  • UPDATE: Financial Year selection now defaults to 2012.

Build 912 - 1 Jul 2011


  • FEATURE ADDED: Transition to Retirement New Superannuation & Retirement calculator to calculate effects of pension payments in a transition to retirement strategy. Special feature is an Optimser Chart to show the most optimum salary sacrifice levels.

  • UPDATE: TaxPack 2011 Update of screens and calculations to TaxPack for Financial Year 2011. Note: previous financial years can still be calculated using the TaxPack and calculations applicable to the financial year selected.

  • UPDATE: Rates & Threshold updated as at 1 Jul 2011. Taxation, Centrelink, DVA and Family Allowance rates and thresholds updated.

  • UPDATE: Personal Taxation & Goverment Payments Moved ribbon buttons to tab buttons for simplier and quicker calculations.

  • UPDATE: Superannuation & Retirement Major changes to user interface (also now using tab buttons) for more logical and quicker calcultions. Projections and Charts moved to separate screens to vastly improve speed of calculations and screen updates. New Superannuation Summary screen consisting of Tax Position and Superannuation Position shows on left of calculations in similar style to the Personal Tax and Government Payments calculator.

  • UPDATE: Centrelink Screen and calculation changes to provide more details information of rates and calculation of estimates.

  • UPDATE: Family Assistance Office Screen and calculation changes to provide more accurate estimates of payments, in particular FTB Part A and Child Care Benefit.


  • UPDATE: Rates & Threshold updated as at 1 Jul 2011. Taxation, Centrelink, DVA and Family Allowance rates and thresholds updated.

Build 833 - 13 Apr 2011


  • UPDATE: Subscription Renewal dialog will show when your subscription fall due for renewal. Change to licencing system by removing serial numbers. Sales and renewal licencing will now be activated via a more reliable licence code.

Build 811 - 22 Mar 2011


  • UPDATE: Rates updated as at 20 Mar 2011. Centrelink, DVA and Family Allowance rates and thresholds updated.

Build 782 - 21 Feb 2010

Calculator - Home Edition

  • FEATURE ADDED: Options dialog added to allow for password change.

Build 749 - 19 Jan 2011

Calculator - All Editions

  • IMPORTANT - all users will have to reinstall the Plansoft Calculator by selecting the appropriate link on the Product - Calculator page on the Plansoft website (the automatic update within the software will not update to this build.)

    UPDATE: Installation process changed to reduce installations issues on 32 or 64 bit operating systems.

    UPDATE: Rates updated as at 1 Jan 2011. Centrelink and DVA and rates and thresholds updated.

Calculator - Standard and Professional Editions

  • UPDATE: Windows Explorer will now open the Calculator when double-clicking a Plansoft Calculation file with a file extension of ".calc".

Build 736 - 6 Jan 2011


  • UPDATE: Rates updated as at 1 Jan 2011. Centrelink and DVA and rates and thresholds updated.

Build 719 - 20 Dec 2010


  • UPDATE: AWOTE rate update.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Installation problem addressed on some machines with Professional Edition.

Build 692 - 23 Nov 2010

Calculator - Home Edition

  • FEATURE ADDED: Superannuation and Retirement calculators are now available in Home Edition.

Calculator - All Editions

  • FEATURE ADDED: Lease or Hire Purchase calculator that calculates a lease or hire purchase contract (usually for motor vehicles). Includes options of monthly repayments in advance or in arrears. Also includes a detailed amortisation table showing the financial year totals of interest and repayments.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Financial Investments calculator added which shows a table of a range of Financial Investments to show the effect on any Centrelink/DVA payments and the net income.

  • UPDATE: Mortgage and Credit Cards calculators repayment tables converted to amortisation tables.

  • UPDATE: Property Stamp Duty calculator and rates now include First Home Buyer state based grants and concessions to better estimate purchase costs and comparisons.

  • UPDATE: Superannuation Contributions calculator renamed from old Salary Sacrifice calculator. Screen changes to make user input easier and quicker. Results now include employer Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) being the minimum 9% of salary to show all superannuation contributions.

  • UPDATE: Superannuation Projections calculator renamed from old Superannuation calculator. Contributions now populated from the Superannuation Contributions calculator. Chart now includes a graph showing proposed changes as well as graph to show the effect of delaying the proposed changes.


  • FEATURE ADDED: AWOTE, CPI, PVF, Pension Factors and Life Expectancy tables added for all editions of Plansoft software.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Login now required for Plansoft Rates.

Build 655 - 17 Oct 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Capital Gains calculator that automatically select the relevant CGT calculation method - Discount, Indexation or Other Method.

  • ISSUE FIXED: Trial Edition problem in starting the software on certain machines fixed.

Build 630 - 22 Sep 2010


  • UPDATE: Rates updated as at 20 Sep 2010. Centrelink, DVA and Family Assistance rates and threshold updated.

  • UPDATE: Work Bonus now incorporated in Centrelink income test for Age Pension - 50% of income up to $500 fortnightly income is ignored for income test.

  • UPDATE: Financial Calculators revamped: includes additional charts for Interest Rate and Share calculators as well as new Date and Time calculators.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Summary screen includes a more complete summary of the personal and tax details that have been entered.

  • FEATURE ADDED : Copy to Clipboard (Standard and Professional Editions) New button added for each screen to create a report in Rich Text Format (RTF) which is copied to the Clipboard that can then be pasted into a word processor.

    Each subscreen also includes a right mouse click context menu that also creates a RTF report, HTM as well as an image (BMP) report that is copied to the Clipboard.

    FEATURE ADDED : PAYG Withholdings Tax (Professional Editions): New Reference table and report to allow for customised PAYG Withholdings Tax table. Columns provide for all 7 ATO scales:

    1. No tax-free threshold

    2. With tax-free threshold with leave loading

    3. Foreign resident

    4. No tax file number provided

    5. Full Medicare exemption

    6. Half Medicare exemption

    7. With tax-free threshold no leave loading

    Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly pay periods. Adjustments for 53 week or 27 fortnight years. Adjustment for Tax Offsets.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Employee Lump Sum Payments calculator to assist in working out taxable income from invalidity or redundancy payments.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Employment Termination Payments calculator to assist in working out taxable income from employment termination payments.

  • FEATURE CHANGED: Ribbon Toolbar titles and grouping changes and quick access toolbar now resides on the window caption bar. For keyboard only use, pressing the ALT key will display a letter which when pressed will select a toolbar option.

Build 565 - 19 Jul 2010


  • ISSUE FIXED: Personal Tax Summary calculation error of Net Income when Tax Withheld entered has been fixed.

Build 551 - 5 Jul 2010


  • UPDATE: Rates Updated to latest Australian Government rates and thresholds effective from 1 July 2010.

    FEATURE ADDED: Personal Tax Summary home screen to make the process of personal tax calculations easier to follows via steps.

    FEATURE ADDED: Short Tax Pack format added for simpler tax calculations.

Build 516 - 31 May 2010


  • UPDATE: Life Expectancy now includes previous ABS life tables and can calculate for a given date.

    FEATURE ADDED: Retirement Income calculator for account based superannuation pensions and annuities.

Build 491 - 6 May 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Rent Assistance now added to Centrelink and Family Tax Benefit calculations.

Build 467 - 12 Apr 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Personal Summary form added by moving personal details from the tax worksheet to better cater for all personal calculations.

  • UPDATE: Personal Calculators redesign to show all individual calculations in the one toolbar. Financial Calculators only include non personal calculations.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Salary Sacrifice and Superannuation Co-contributions calculators. Includes a chart showing the best net effect of salary sacrifice.

Build 446 - 22 Mar 2010


  • UPDATE: Rates Updated to latest Australian Government rates and thresholds effective from 20 Mar 2010.

Build 442 - 18 Mar 2010

Calculator/Planner - Professional Edition

  • FEATURE ADDED: Card View to view clients in summary mode as opposed to table view. Will show a default image with the ability to add a custom image/photo.

Build 438 - 15 Mar 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Pensioner Concession Card and Health Care Card now showing eligibility in Centrelink/DVA worksheet - Concession Cards.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Tax Zone selection added and used to help calculate Remote Area Allowance if applicable.

Build 430 - 6 Mar 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Senior Australians Tax Offset now automatically calculated instead of selecting eligibility.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Financial calculators now have table or data list shown together with the calculation and chart screen. Will allow optional printing of these tables/lists along with now optional charts.

Build 427 - 3 Mar 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Fortnightly columns added to Personal Tax Summary together with new Summary Reports.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Deeming rates added in Rates - Centrelink.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Financial Investments now included in Centrelink income and assets tests.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Deeming now included in Centrelink income test calculations for Financial Investments. Includes new Deemed Income screen to analysis the workings of the deeming calculation.

  • ISSUE RESOLVED: Pension Supplement rate now added to pension rates for Centrelink and DVA to correctly calculate payments if subject to assets and income test.

Build 421 - 25 Feb 2010


  • FEATURE ADDED: Tax on Taxable Income screen showing calculation workings of how marginal tax is calculated. Includes workings for under 18 minor tax rate calculations of eligible income.

  • FEATURE ADDED: Dept of Veteran Affairs (DVA) rates and calculations added for DVA Age Pension, Service Pension and War Widows Pension.