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Personal Tax Calculations

This personal tax calculator uses the TaxPack format for data entry. Four TaxPack data entry formats are provided: Short, Standard, Supplementary and Retirees. This ensures the minimum amount of data entry depending on your requirements. The calculator is not designed to complete a tax return, however the headings, codes and colours are similar to the TaxPack as provided by the Australian Tax Office for easy reference.

All the common individual tax rates and thresholds are included where calculations are possible. These include:

Additional integrated worksheets/calculators include:

As well as financial year totals, monthly, fortnightly and weekly totals are calculated for budgeting and cash flow analysis.

Data is saved for each financial year to enable simple or detailed comparisons as required across financial years. Rates are included for the previous financial years, the current financial year and any known rates for future financial years.


Summary or detailed reports can be previewed, sent to a printer or saved to a file (using Microsoft's new print ready XPS format).

There are also numerous worksheets available within the program to show how some of the more complicated calculations are constructed.

Example 2: TaxPack related calculation screens

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TaxPack Calculation screens