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Date Time Calculators

There are three calculators under “Date & Time” as follows:

Date Range Calculator

Enter the from date and to date. The actual day of the week for both dates entered will display. And the number of days between the two dates will calculate, as well as the time expired in years, months and days.

Example 1 : Date Range Calculator


Time Range Calculator

Enter the start time, end time and any time in between you don’t want counted. The time expired will calculate displaying in a number of different formats for ease of understanding. These times can be entered in either 24 hour format or 12 hour format; just select the relevant format before entering the times.

Example 2 : Time Range Calculator



A full calendar for the current year displays. Select any calendar by “Year” from 1900 to 2100. Also in the Year selection area, the word “leap yr” appears against all years that are a leap year.

Example 3 : Calendar