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Life Expectancy Estimator

This calculator will determine an individual’s life expectancy based on today’s date or any other date in the past or future which you may input. The individual’s sex and date of birth must be entered. Then all you need to do is select the appropriate “ABS Life Table” (which will default to the most current being 2006-2008) and the results will display.

Results display:

Example 1 : Life Expectancy Data Entry


Life Expectancy Chart

A chart graphs the life expectancy according to age for the selected “ABS Life Table”.

Example 2 : Life Expectancy Chart


Life Expectancy Data

A data table displays the relevant figures.

Example 3 : Life Expectancy Data


Alternative Estimator

Whilst our calculator uses general ABS data, actual life expectancy is obviously affected by individual situations. For a more specific life expectancy estimation My Longevity has a very detailed estimator that takes into account personal habits etc.