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Australian Tax & Financial Planning Software Solutions
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Pinnacle offer entry-level business courses to the advanced diploma in financial services. In conjunction with Pinnacle, Plansoft offer free use of the software for students whilst they are undertaking the Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning course.

If you are planning to launch your career in financial services or preparing for more senior roles within the industry, visit www.pinnacle.edu.au for more information.

How to Obtain access to Plansoft Software

To get access to the free licence of the Plansoft software, the following process is required:

How to Enter the Licence Code

An email from Plansoft contains the Licence code required to give access to the Plansoft Financial Planning (Professional Edition) software. If the software has not already been loaded, select the link button below:

box_software.png Install/Run Professional Edition

When the Plansoft Licence screen comes up after starting the software, please enter your email address as shown below:


Then click the “Enter Licence Code” button and paste in the full licence code from the Plansoft email:


If you have any issues with this process or the software, please contact support@plansoft.com.au.