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Plansoft Rates

Current rates are now published on website. History of rates can be accessed using Plansoft Rates. Open Plansoft Rates

Plansoft Calculator

Flood Levy and Clean Energy Future tax reform incorporated into software and website on the day after annoucements. Major revamp of Superannuation and Retirement calculations, including a new Transition to Retirement Calculator.


Website formatting changes to make website more easily read on smart phones. New free Web Tax Calculators for simple and quick tax calculations.


Plansoft Rates

Based on user feedback (quick rate checks without the need to open a calculation), we released the online Plansoft Rates product which shows a listing of the latest Australian Government rates and thresholds as well as historical rates. Open Plansoft Rates

Plansoft Calculator

New editions of the Plansoft Calculator to make it easier for potential users to choose the most appropriate version. Website updated to show comparison of features.


Plansoft Calculator

A comprehensive tax calculator is critical to our entire future financial planning software, so a decision was made to release the Plansoft Calculator  as our initial product offering. Anyone interested in calculating their own tax and other financial planning calculations may find this software very worthwhile.


Development in earnest

2008 proved to be the most significant year of development for Plansoft. After embracing and learning the new technologies, Plansoft was well under way with developing new products as significant inroads were achieved for the initial set of products planned.


Microsoft releases new technologies

In 2007, Microsoft released new technologies and frameworks that changed the software development paradigm. These technologies are that significant that we abandoned all existing prototyping and refocused our development with this new framework. We have not looked back and are very excited about this new era of software development as it can provide for a much better and easier user experience.


Plansoft formed in 2004. Initial development was restricted to researching newer technologies for the best long term development platforms for any future software releases. Patience to wait for emerging technologies rather than existing older technologies has since proved vital.